To set a ringtone in Samsung Galaxy you need to download ringtones that you want to put on a ringtone in the appropriate folder of the device. To do this, connect your phone in data transfer mode to the computer using the USB cable. Wait until you determine phone operating system. In the window select actions, select "Open folder to view files".
Go to the directory DCIM – Media – audio - Notifications to the device. Move to the tunes that you want to put as a ringtone. In the folder sdcard directory there are also alarms, ringtones and ui. The alarms directory is used to download ringtones alarm, ringtones incoming calls, and ui sounds interface. If these folders do not exist on your phone, create them by right-clicking in the file display window and selecting "New" - "Folder".
After the operation, disconnect the phone from the computer. Turn off and then turn on the device. Then you can set the downloaded ringtones as your phone call using the corresponding menu. To do this, go to "Settings" using the shortcut on the home screen of the Galaxy or menu item. After that select the "Sound" section and set the desired melody.
To transfer a song from your music folder in the correct directory ringtones directly on your phone, you can use the file Manager. Open the Play store, clicking on the store icon on the home screen or in the device menu. In the search box enter "file Manager".
In the resulting list of suitable utilities select a program for viewing files. Among all applications, you can mark the "ES file Explorer", Total Commander or Far On Droid. Install the program with the button "Install". After you run the utility to transfer the files to the desired directory.