If you use a simple cell phone or HTC device based on the Android mobile platform, go to main menu of your device and select "Settings". In it, open the "audio Settings". Scroll down and choose an option like "Melody calling". Click on it and select one of the preset phone ringtones or music files in MP3 format from your personal collection. The same actions you can do with the parameter "Ringtone reminders" and select a ringtone to incoming SMS messages and reminders of events in the calendar. If you use the HTC platform Windows Mobile change ringtone in settings "sounds".
You can use the application from Play Market (Android devices) or Windows Phone Store (Windows Mobile devices), located by default in the main menu, and allows for free or for a small sum of money to purchase the audio tracks that will be available to listen to either setup the phone. Make sure your Internet connection on your phone is active, and go to the music section of the app. Select any track and download it to the phone. Now it will be available when selecting ringtones in settings.
Also, the owners of mobile devices from HTC, you can transfer music tracks on your phone from the computer. To do this, connect your device to your computer using a USB connection. Please note that you must have the tiny memory card, which acts as a repository for user files. Wait for the operating system of the computer does not identify the device as an external storage device. You can now copy to the memory card, the directory which will be available in the folder "My computer", the files you need.