The format in which you can set the call ringtone for iPhone m4r. The duration of the melody should not be more than 40 seconds. Make a ringtone for your mobile phone software and applications. For example, in the program Garage Band.
Install the program and open it. Select the menu item "iPhone Ringtone". In the dialog box will show "create", clicking on which will bring you into a fullscreen menu with templates ringtones.
Open "edit" and remove the track. Drag the window the desired music file. Move the yellow stripes on the track, thus choosing the part of the song that will be played when calling.
Select the desired ringtone effects: equalizer settings, remission, volume and others. Click "export" and send the ringtone to iTunes.
To set a ringtone for the iPhone, in iTunes open the tab "sounds" and find the file that you uploaded.
Connect your computer to the phone and select it in the devices list. Tick the "sync sounds" and apply settings.
After syncing iPhone with iTunes, you can set your favorite ringtone for the iPhone. To do this, open phone "settings", navigate to the list of ringtones and click on the sound you want to close it there was a tick.
To set the ringtone on zvono the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 possible for each contact separately. To do this, go to contacts, select the person you want and change the settings, squandered the screen to the field "ringtone".