Download from the Internet any song you'd like to put the phone. IPhone connect via cable to the computer and open the application iTunes.
Click on "add file to library..." in iTunes and then select the desired song. To open this window, you can also use Ctrl + O. Check the sound file, whether it is loud, it is very important to hear when you call. Select the segment in the song length of about 25 seconds, but not more than 30, otherwise, the ringtone will not work.
Start creating your ringtone: right click on the selected song, select the menu item "information", and in the appeared window the "settings" tab. In this tab, you will see lines with the names "start" and "stop time". In the first line, specify the first second the period that you have chosen, and the second - the last second. Click "OK", the dialog window closes.
Again just right click the song, and hit "Create a version in AAC format". Below the song you should see a duplicate song with the same name but with a length of about 30 seconds. The song grab the mouse by clicking on it with the left button and, without releasing, pull on your desktop computer. In the program the duplicate songs, you can already remove.
On the desktop appeared your ringtone, but not in the same format. Now it is .m4a, a you need .m4r. For this you just need to remove one letter in the extension and write another one. If you do not see the file extension, to change do the following. Go to "control Panel" which is located right in the panel "start", open the folder "folder Options", select the second tab "View", and in it in the advanced settings uncheck "Hide permissions for known file types". Now you can change extension of any file.
Double-click the left mouse button on the ringtone and it will open in iTunes in the ringtones folder. Now click on "Synchronize selected sounds" tick box next to the new ringtone. After synchronization, the call will appear on the phone.
Disconnect the phone from the computer and go to the menu item "settings", then select "sounds" then "ringtone". First in the list should appear your new ringtone - click on it. Look, good sounds, and now you can exit the menu. Calling will play a predefined tune.