In any case do not pierce ears at home, it can lead to infection, in addition, a puncture can turn out ugly and uneven. For this procedure, select a medical or cosmetic establishment.
There are two ways of piercing ears: sterile disposable gun or a rounded needle. The first one is more safe and painless, but the cost will be more expensive. And the second is a rather old and proven way, but is acceptable only if performed by a professional.
Before the procedure of piercings be sure to wash your head. Dust and dirt deposited on the hair, can get to the puncture site, thereby causing the irritation. In addition, wet ears after piercing possible, so the head will need to wash very carefully, throwing it back. Eliminate swim in the sea, river or lake.
While places won't heal, try to change the pillowcase on the pillow every day to get the germs and dust. At a minimum use the phone.
The selection of earrings in the piercing of ears is also an important point. Earlier earrings were not inserted immediately, instead of them podergivani surgical sutures and left them for a few days, but now preference is given to the earrings, but not heavy with precious stones, and the loop shape and weight not more than 3 grams, so as not to injure the puncture.
In the first week observe certain treatments punctures. Daily potarite them with a solution of boric alcohol. This drug you can buy in a drugstore without a prescription. To avoid infection, be sure to use a separate swab for each ear, and use each swab only once. To RUB means in the puncture is not needed, just for a second apply the moistened swab to the ear first one side, then the other. Carry out the procedure 3-4 times a day.
Very beautiful and interesting to look earrings, punctures which are made closer to the face, not in the center of the lobe. But, if you wish to pierce the ears are different, tell the specialist.