How long to heal pierced ears

The healing period of your ears after piercing depends largely on how well was done the operation. Although today there are quite safe methods of piercing ears, including the use of a special gun loaded with earrings, there is always a chance to bring in a wound infection. Usually this happens if the process uses non-sterile needles or pierce the ears of someone at home. In this case, may start the inflammatory process or to form keloid scars.

Of great importance are the individual characteristics of the organism. Pierced ears may not heal for quite a long time if inserted in these earrings are made from metal that causes an allergic reaction. That is why it is generally recommended to wear products of special medical steel or gold. However, if you are allergic to Nickel, some gold earrings also should not be worn until the wound completely healed, as the alloy contains a small amount of this metal.
Especially a lot of Nickel contained in the gold 583 and 750.

The healing time of the ears after puncture also affects the proper and timely care of them. Every day after this procedure, you must treat the damaged part of the ear with antiseptic, such as "Chlorhexidine" or regular hydrogen peroxide. Every two days during wiping gently rotate the earring so she not stuck to her skin and the wound soon healed. However, to remove the first earrings not recommended as long as the holes flowing ichor.

On average, the ears are healing after piercing 4 to 6 weeks, but this process can also take 2-3 months. If from the wound during this period will be allocated to the pus, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The same should do and in that case, if the ears won't heal over for a long time.
The ears should not be pierced for those who suffer from cystic acne, blood diseases, eczema. Also this is not advisable in diabetes.

How to pierce ears

To avoid unpleasant consequences after ear piercing, to trust such an operation should only be experienced master. Today it can be done in any tattoo parlor, and even in many hair salons, but not all masters can choose the right place on the lobe for future holes . As a result, under the weight of the ornaments of the lobe eventually pulled down.

It is best to pierce is the ear lobe, as this place is missing cartilage and a much faster healing occurs. In addition, there is less likely important points associated with a number of bodies. It is especially important not to experiment with punctures in different locations of the ear in children, and especially to do them a piercing on the tongue or lip.