The labour code of the Russian Federation

According to the information can be fairly easy to obtain, looking into a set of laws relating to working population, you can see that the legislation is such thing as maternity leave does not exist. However, provided the leave for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as child care. The leave for pregnancy and childbirth is divided into two sections — prenatal and postnatal. All these periods follow each other without breaks. Therefore, people called this holiday by decree.

At what time supposed to go on maternity leave

Often medical doctors prescribe woman sick leave to care maternity leave at 30 weeks pregnant. During this period, tummy women who are expecting a baby, already quite large, and the baby takes away many forces. Therefore, to fully work becomes difficult. There comes a time when a woman can afford to sit back, relax and prepare for the birth of a new family member.

What are the documents required for execution of the decree at work

A pregnant woman at term 30 weeks in female consultations sick leave, with the obligatory indication of the approximate date of delivery and gestational age. You will also need to take a certificate stating that she delivered the account in connection with pregnancy, and birth certificate.

The duration of maternity leave

The duration of pre-delivery leave is 70 days. The woman carrying two or more children on holiday before the birth of a duration of 84 days. And women living in unfavorable areas affected by radiation contamination — 90 calendar days.

Maternity leave also lasts 70 days. However, if the birth was difficult and provoked the occurrence of complications, duration of stay increased to 86 days. And the birth of twins or twins extend it up to 110 calendar days.

Then the women need on the job site to apply for a leave to care for a child. This leave can last up until the baby turns three years old. However, to pay maternity benefits at work will only be until the child turns 1.5 years. Another year and a half behind the woman keeps her job.

Please note

All the time spent by a woman on maternity leave shall count towards seniority. Thus, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the employer has no right to reduce wages or dismiss a woman on maternity leave or in the "interesting position".