You will need
  • Calculator, calendar
First you need a women's clinic to clarify the term of pregnancy. This is done at the first scheduled ultrasound, which you are asked to do on the 11th or 12th week of pregnancy. The doctor will determine the maturity of the fetus and tell you how much you have exactly lasts pregnancy. Based on this, count 30 weeks. Start of holiday and maternity leave will come from the first day of 31 weeks.
Next, count 140 days from the onset of pregnancy and childbirth. This is the period that is paid in a lump sum. To pay you owe within 10 days after you written the application on holiday had a certificate issued in consultation, about what you do 30 weeks of pregnancy.
Further, with a 141-day begins leave to care for a child up to six years. Count from your birth date year and a half. You can get leave to care for a child up to three years, but this vacation will not be paid. Thus, the decree begins on 31 week of pregnancy. Ends when the child is one and a half or three years, at your discretion. If you have the vacation you haven't yet gone this year, take it since 27 weeks. The third trimester it is better to hold in a relaxed home environment, after the outbreak of childbirth will not stop already 28 weeks. Take care of yourself and baby. All the time while you are on maternity leave, you have a full working experience.
Next, consider the situation if you get out of the decree in the decree. In this case, your first maternity leave ends as of the date of occurrence of the 31st week of pregnancy. When calculating the benefits you can choose the amount that you to the is vacation pay and maternity leave, which has just occurred or you will continue the payment of leave to care for first child.