To calculate the benefit amount that you must pay for pregnancy and childbirth must be added to all amounts received by the woman during the 24 months preceding maternity leave.
In General, the amount not set off the amount of social security benefits. The sum must always divide by 730. It will be a benefit for one day of maternity leave. Then multiply depending on how women pregnancy is singleton or multiple. This will be the amount of maternity leave.
Tax, Fiat money is not calculated. 16 days for a severe course of childbirth after childbirth is paid a single sum. If the woman paid for the days as for a singleton pregnancy and the birth process was clear that the more children, the missing days are billed separately after delivery.
When the woman has no experience of 24 months, calculated from the actual earned amounts and actual calendar days. Payments on social benefits not included in the calculation. The average daily earnings and is multiplied by the days required for maternity leave. The calculated amount may not be below the average daily earnings of the minimum wage. If the calculated sum of the average daily earnings below the established minimum wages, the sum to be paid at the minimum wage.
Fiat money can be obtained from all employers, the company which operates a woman. Amount can not be higher than the average earnings, calculated from 465 thousand per year.
Payments for maternity leave to care for a child up to six years is monthly 40% of the average earnings of women and cannot be lower than average earnings are calculated proceeding from the minimum wage. The average daily earnings multiplied by 30.4. The sum must be multiplied by 40%.