Location of G-spot and what it is

The G spot is a small area on the front vaginal wall, it is located approximately at a distance of 5-6cm from the entrance, just under the pubic bone and the urethra. The G spot is on the other side of the clitoris, which is located outside of the vagina, and this is the point inside it.

It is believed that the G-spot is analogous to the prostate gland, or prostate, in men. The fabric in this place is also glandular, it's almost the same as in the prostate. In women it is around the urethra. Strictly speaking, this is not really a point but a three-dimensional object whose dimensions are approximately 30 x 20 x 10mm. It is much less "the same" organ in men.

To find the G-spot, proceed to "research" when my partner is already sufficiently aroused. At this time, this area would be almost doubled. If you still don't know where the G-spot your partner, then conduct the search will be easier if she lay back. Caressing a partner, enter two fingers into her vagina and gently check the area at a distance of 2-6 cm from the entrance to the vagina, this place should be somewhere under your pubic bone.

You will feel the G spot: to the touch it's a little more dense than the surrounding tissue, the surface is somewhat similar to walnut. You will also notice that the achieved success, the reaction of the partner.

Female ejaculate, which is also relatively little-known phenomenon, and arises because of the stimulation point G. because it consists of glands and during the erotic massage on them is aphrodisiac effects, these glands emit into the urethra a little fluid. Sexologists believe that the function of this fluid is to add moisture to the semen that the sperm easier to travel to the uterus to the egg.

Stimulation point G

As the G-spot batter connected with the urethra, and sensation women first will remind the desire to go to the toilet. Therefore, if neither you nor your partner have previously had experiences with massages a G-spot, she will not be superfluous to go to the toilet before the process, make sure we don't experience doubt.

When you have found this point, take the time immediately to massage her hard. First, there mucosa and, therefore, you risk to damage it too intense actions. Secondly, the place is very sensitive, so the feeling their partner can even be painful. Be gentle and careful. A proper influence on this point guarantee your partner an orgasm.