Advice 1: Where women have the G spot

The famous and mysterious G spot – all have heard about it, but few know where it is. This point was "discovered" by a German gynecologist, Grafenberg, who described it in some detail. Many women and men could thank him for what he gave a new opportunity for fun, and the second told how it's the most fun to bring a partner.
Where women have the G spot

Location of G-spot and what it is

The G spot is a small area on the front vaginal wall, it is located approximately at a distance of 5-6cm from the entrance, just under the pubic bone and the urethra. The G spot is on the other side of the clitoris, which is located outside of the vagina, and this is the point inside it.

It is believed that the G-spot is analogous to the prostate gland, or prostate, in men. The fabric in this place is also glandular, it's almost the same as in the prostate. In women it is around the urethra. Strictly speaking, this is not really a point but a three-dimensional object whose dimensions are approximately 30 x 20 x 10mm. It is much less "the same" organ in men.

To find the G-spot, proceed to "research" when my partner is already sufficiently aroused. At this time, this area would be almost doubled. If you still don't know where the G-spot your partner, then conduct the search will be easier if she lay back. Caressing a partner, enter two fingers into her vagina and gently check the area at a distance of 2-6 cm from the entrance to the vagina, this place should be somewhere under your pubic bone.

You will feel the G spot: to the touch it's a little more dense than the surrounding tissue, the surface is somewhat similar to walnut. You will also notice that the achieved success, the reaction of the partner.

Female ejaculate, which is also relatively little-known phenomenon, and arises because of the stimulation point G. because it consists of glands and during the erotic massage on them is aphrodisiac effects, these glands emit into the urethra a little fluid. Sexologists believe that the function of this fluid is to add moisture to the semen that the sperm easier to travel to the uterus to the egg.

Stimulation point G

As the G-spot batter connected with the urethra, and sensation women first will remind the desire to go to the toilet. Therefore, if neither you nor your partner have previously had experiences with massages a G-spot, she will not be superfluous to go to the toilet before the process, make sure we don't experience doubt.

When you have found this point, take the time immediately to massage her hard. First, there mucosa and, therefore, you risk to damage it too intense actions. Secondly, the place is very sensitive, so the feeling their partner can even be painful. Be gentle and careful. A proper influence on this point guarantee your partner an orgasm.

Advice 2 : Where is the g spot

Point G (g) – the most legendary and most controversial point of the female body. Its existence and location is controversial even among physicians. Someone does not believe in its existence. And those who found her, believe one hundred percent guarantee female orgasm.
The G - spot is a guarantee orgasm

History of discovery

For the first time g-spot was described in Taoist sexual practices called "heart flower". But the official discoverer in Western science became a German gynecologist, Grafenberg. In his work of 1944, he describes a certain area on the wall of the vagina, while stimulating a woman is experiencing the strongest orgasms. But, in connection with public morals and closeness to the themes of sex, only in the early 80-ies of American gynecologists guide to sex published her existence. Since finding this point attended to both men and women.

The location of the G spot

The g-spot located on the anterior wall of the vagina, roughly in its Central part at a depth of 5-6 cm from the vestibule of the vagina, behind the pubic bone and the urethra. Its size is only about 16 mm. the Sensitivity of this point is very different in different women. For many, it has low sensitivity, and her stimulation to orgasm does not.
Before beginning the search for my g-spot a woman needs to reach the excited state, so as to detect it at an unexcited women is almost impossible.

To find the G-spot can each woman alone or with a partner. For this purpose the thumb or finger of the partner should gradually enter inside the vagina towards the belly. Of course, the finger should be pre-lubricated natural female lubricant or a lubricant. At a depth of 5-6 cm finger should find a plot with a rather thick skin, similar to a pea, is the g – spot. At the beginning of the stimulation of this point the woman should have a desire to urinate. But a longer massage will result in a strong orgasm. Since the sensitivity of this point is an individual, the expectation of orgasm can be quite long. Prolonged stimulation increases the point size to 25 cm, and the feelings she is starting to feel like big Bob.

If the sensitivity is low and sensations of orgasm for a long time, try to pre-stimulate the clitoris. Or begin to stimulate the G-spot immediately after orgasm. Massage point make circular motions of your finger. Can be used for this purpose, a vibrator, or a special toy from a sex shop that allows you to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and g-spot. Try different options, focusing on the sensations women. Some women need soft and gentle stimulation, others – intense, with a rather sensitive touch. Be careful with too much pressure on the point G can occur spontaneous urination.
Men have their own G spot is the prostate, prostate gland near the urethra. It is located at a depth of 4-5 cm from the entrance to the anus.

In addition, the g-spot massage can be during sex. For this is good pose "woman on top" or the classic pose with legs on the shoulders of men. In these positions, the woman can adjust the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina.

Advice 3 : Where is women g spot

The G – spot is a myth or reality? Probably everyone at least once in life thought about it. There are scientists who believe her story. But a number of studies proves that the coveted point on the woman's body still exists.
A couple in an intimate setting
First delicate subject for the detection of a G-spot opened the German doctor gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, after whom this stretch of excitation called the "point of Grafenberg", and later shortened to be called the g-spot.
Development of Greenberg not received universal distribution. In the early 20th century, few people knew about this study because of ethics prohibiting to publicly discuss the topic of sexuality.
In the future, a lot of controversy among scientists was conducted on this topic. Initially, American researchers have asserted that all is a myth invented by single women, and the G-spot is just a continuation of the clitoris. But later the French scientists conducted experiments and put forward a completely opposite theory that the G spot is present in 60% of women and gives them heavenly pleasure. Modern scientists are absolutely sure that such a zone exists in every woman, just located at different distances from the edge of the vagina. The latest unofficial statistics says that 90% of women found this spot and got an unforgettable experience.

Should I look for the G spot?

This question is for each individual. But it is important to know that when seeking a coveted area with your partner, you need to relax, confide in each other and tell about their feelings. So do not hurry, but better to wait for the right moment when you both are ready. It is known that the G-spot delivers an incredible pleasure, comparable with the flight, the flash of positive emotions. Scientists compare these sensations with a powerful explosion of the volcano. A woman's body, as the biologists would say, it's an unbroken erogenous zone, but the highest point of excitation is different for each girl, so even if you do not find the G-spot, research your partner in any case will excite and bring you closer together.

Where is the G spot?

The exact location of such area to be called hard, because every body is different. It is known that the G spot is on the front inner wall of the vagina, at a depth of 3-5 cm (in some cases 1-10 cm, and may not be strictly in the middle, and slightly to the right or to the left). On this area the skin is rough, crumpled. At excitation point becomes more convex.
The best position to activate the G-spot is the "man behind" and "woman rider".
Clicking on it, you can hurt the urethra, and the partner wants to use the ladies ' room, but this feeling is false and will soon pass.

In any case, the point G is the center of the immense pleasure that is the dream of every girl, and even her quest will bring pleasure to you and your partner which will feel like a real man, hearing the admiration for his abilities.
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