History of discovery

For the first time g-spot was described in Taoist sexual practices called "heart flower". But the official discoverer in Western science became a German gynecologist, Grafenberg. In his work of 1944, he describes a certain area on the wall of the vagina, while stimulating a woman is experiencing the strongest orgasms. But, in connection with public morals and closeness to the themes of sex, only in the early 80-ies of American gynecologists guide to sex published her existence. Since finding this point attended to both men and women.

The location of the G spot

The g-spot located on the anterior wall of the vagina, roughly in its Central part at a depth of 5-6 cm from the vestibule of the vagina, behind the pubic bone and the urethra. Its size is only about 16 mm. the Sensitivity of this point is very different in different women. For many, it has low sensitivity, and her stimulation to orgasm does not.
Before beginning the search for my g-spot a woman needs to reach the excited state, so as to detect it at an unexcited women is almost impossible.

To find the G-spot can each woman alone or with a partner. For this purpose the thumb or finger of the partner should gradually enter inside the vagina towards the belly. Of course, the finger should be pre-lubricated natural female lubricant or a lubricant. At a depth of 5-6 cm finger should find a plot with a rather thick skin, similar to a pea, is the g – spot. At the beginning of the stimulation of this point the woman should have a desire to urinate. But a longer massage will result in a strong orgasm. Since the sensitivity of this point is an individual, the expectation of orgasm can be quite long. Prolonged stimulation increases the point size to 25 cm, and the feelings she is starting to feel like big Bob.

If the sensitivity is low and sensations of orgasm for a long time, try to pre-stimulate the clitoris. Or begin to stimulate the G-spot immediately after orgasm. Massage point make circular motions of your finger. Can be used for this purpose, a vibrator, or a special toy from a sex shop that allows you to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and g-spot. Try different options, focusing on the sensations women. Some women need soft and gentle stimulation, others – intense, with a rather sensitive touch. Be careful with too much pressure on the point G can occur spontaneous urination.
Men have their own G spot is the prostate, prostate gland near the urethra. It is located at a depth of 4-5 cm from the entrance to the anus.

In addition, the g-spot massage can be during sex. For this is good pose "woman on top" or the classic pose with legs on the shoulders of men. In these positions, the woman can adjust the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina.