You will need
  • safe shaving machine or shaving machine (special for dogs or normal), adhesive tape 2-4 cm in width, scissors, matches, cotton ear sticks or toothpicks.
Prepare the dog for the procedure otkleivanie ears. You should remove excess hair from the surface of the auricles: first, on the external side of the ear gently, not to hurt the ear, a machine or a special electric razor to shave the wool. Then the same is done with the inside of the ear. To shave hair should be in the course of hair growth, not to hurt the skin. Experts recommend not to shave the hairs that grow at the edge of the ear (they form a kind of fringe): due to their ear will later have a triangular right kind.
You also need to remove wax from the ear and pull out(if possible) the hairs from the depths of the ear.
препараты для поставки ушей йорку
To get a band-aid 2-4 cm in width and cut it into strips with a length of 10 cm Patch can not take the sticky to the procedure of peeling took place then it is easier. But it all depends on the dog's temperament: some particularly active individuals rip off that band-aid, so the owners later glue the ears are already the most firmly adhesive plaster.
постановка ушей йорка
Spread York eyelet and the outer side to apply the plaster horizontally to the floor, turn the cut patch and paste it on the inner surface of the ear. The same operation done with the second ear. Extra sticking plaster to cut. Some experts suggest for greater rigidity with the outer or inner side of the dog ear with a bandage to stick matches, cotton swabs or toothpicks - they support ear further, but it should be done very carefully and thoroughly to York didn't get hurt during the game.
как часто надо брить шерсть на ушах у щенков йорков
To take another segment of the medical adhesive and bonding lugs jumper standing between them was a distance of about 4 cm.
роди йорка
The second method:
Prepared and shaved the ear of York to roll into a tube: take the outside diameter of the eyelet and wrapped up around its inner edge.
болят уши у йорка
To get prepared (as described in step 2) the length of the medical bandage and wrapped up them rolled into a tube lug. To do the same with the second ear of the dog. In this method, gluing is possible not to fasten the lugs between a jumper.
With such stickers on the ears of the dog must walk from 3-10 days (depending on the complexity of the case), then make a break of one day and again to glue the lugs to the same period.
Here are the lugs supposed to be at York the day after the procedure.