Fracture of the ear – the result of close contact between the fighters with each other, when the head of one of them is in the hard power to seize it, disentangling, can damage the ear. The skull is in constant motion and the grips can withstand quite a large compression that is completely incapable of withstanding the hryaschik. When breakdown of cartilage in the sink in the break under the skin the liquid is released. She's freezing, and takes a variety of forms.
Usually, when the breakdown of the ear is recommended immediately consult a doctor. But it is not always medical assistance in a timely manner. Moreover, treatment of such injuries involves the periodic procedure of pumping the internal fluid. Until the end of the treatment on the wrestling must not be forgotten. In the process of training for competitions or during the competitions is absolutely unacceptable for sporsmen. Then he deliberately refuses treatment or postpones it indefinitely.
In addition to the broken ears of the fighters can trap and other injuries – sprains, bruises, dislocations, broken noses and even broken. And, like any trauma, a fracture of the auricle afterwards makes a lot of problems. In addition to the unpleasant appearance, in old age, the ears start to hurt. Nagging pain always accompanies a former fighter in the morning and during changes in the weather. When you touch the ears pain will only increase, even after the athlete stops training. It will be impossible to use small headphones, as they simply will not fit in the deformed ear.
In recent cosmetic medicine has leaped forward and is able to correct the deformity of the ear no matter how zastarel fracture. It costs a lot of money and allows you to fix only the appearance, but quite popular with fighters, leaving the professional ring.
Fracture of the ear you can get, not wrestling or Boxing, but simply having a strong enough injury. While the auricle is swollen and will take a purple-blue color. The site of fracture or rupture of cartilage will hurt badly. Ear this is not to touch it, and especially to attempt to straighten the cartilage. On the affected area you can apply a cold compress or an ice pack. When damaged skin to lubricate the wound with iodine and apply a sterile dressing. As soon as possible to go to the doctor.