If you to four months the ears of the puppy still did not get up, use the method of setting, which is highly efficient and does not cause the dog discomfort. The faster you solve a problem and teach the puppy to hold the ears in upright position, the fewer problems you will experience in the future, when the puppy will grow and develop into the adult dog.
The puppy's ears wipe the inside with a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol. Wear rubber gloves and take a large hair curler. In the hole insert the pencil eraser forward, and then put on curlers, the composition Permatex Super Weatherstrip3.
After two minutes, hold the dog's ear in an upright position, place it into the ear curler with a piece of cotton wool on the end then wrap it around the curler edge of the ear, connecting them.
Wait for curlers stuck, and the ear stays in place. Repeat the procedure on both ears. After two weeks remove the curlers out of your ears and put them inside a special healing ointment, soothing irritation.
In order to further clean the ear regularly treat the inside surface with cotton wound on a stick and dipped in alcohol. Ongoing care of your dog's ears is essential if you want to be healthy and strong.