You will need
  • - hypoallergenic, breathable band-aid
  • - scissors
  • - pieces of light plastic (good plastic Internet or phone cards)
  • - antiseptic — chlorhexidine
Cut a piece of plaster with a length of approximately 4 cm, zakruglenie it from all sides, so as not rubbed the skin of the ear. Of plastic make a frame bus for the ear: cut strips of size 0.5-3.5 cm, sakiroglu it from all sides, stick to a prepared piece of plaster.
как укрепить ушки йорку
Cut a piece of plaster the size, slightly less than the first, and seal them to the bus, i.e. it is between the two pieces of tape. It should be half an inch below the crease line of the ear with it. Make two of these blanks and glue them in the ears of the animal (pre-treat them with antiseptic), after gentle massaging movements on adhesive contours.
как избавиться от запаха изо рта у собаки
Unwind the bandage in length and cut lengthwise into two equal strips. They will serve for a pie podleski ears to ensure their high and parallel fit. To the ear applied to the wall, start from the center at the base in a circle. Make sure that the edge of the patch was above it and didn't pull the ear too tight, so as not Narearsbe the circulation and there was no chafing and skin irritation.
купить той-терьера
To put the ears of theTerrier keep his diet. When "drooping" ears in addition to vitamins may lack protein and calcium. A dog is a predator and its main food is meat. Some dogs need to wear the frame until the change of milk teeth, some a month, others missing two weeks. Your effort will justify itself.
как стричь йоркширского терьера