Thanks to the votes you can raise the rating for yourself and friends, giving them gifts, post ads advertising, and for more possibilities in different applications.

The rating on a social network "Vkontakte" in the search determines the sequence of removing the members of the site. In addition, the rating depends on the position in the meetings and groups in the friends list. The rating changes via the voting members for each other.

Voices can be given for each or any user. The rating of the person you gave your voice increases, and this user in the friends list will rise to a higher level. When you vote for someone you can attach a message (e.g., greeting).

Gifts — a variety of beautiful images that will be on the page receiving person. In addition, voice can be used in a variety of games that are present on the site "Vkontakte". With votes you can also post ads. The number of votes you want to give (spend), can be any. At the same time, free them to get quite difficult.

Paid voice

To vote much easier, and this can be done in various ways: via SMS, via payment systems, payment terminals and Bank card. Choose the most convenient method of payment by using the "add funds" tab in the "Receiving votes" —

In the first place this page is the tab "Receiving votes via SMS". It is the most convenient and popular payment method for most users of social network "Vkontakte". To vote, click on "proceed to payment", enter the mobile phone number, then select the desired number of votes. To your number will receive a message with a confirmation code. If you are using SMS you can get from 3 to 20 votes.

Another common method is payment via payment terminals. In the tab "payment Terminals" in the section "balance Replenishment" you can find your page number. On the terminal, select the following: "Payment for services" -> "Other services" -> "Vkontakte". Then specify the number of your pages and type the money. The cost of a single vote - 7 rubles.


The expression "free" is rather conditional, since these methods require a certain impact from the user.

1. You can ask your friends, so they voted for you, it is free for you. If you want to translate voices into the account of a friend or another user of "Vkontakte", one of the best in your personal account. For security, you need to enter the verification code translation, which will be sent to your mobile phone. A day the other can take up to 100 votes.

2. You can win in the app, you'll play the same voice, because initially they have to send. Note that the website administration prohibits the withdrawal of the votes of the apps, so use the voice you can only in these applications.

3. In some cases in groups on specific topics held shares, for example, the competition for the best poem, graffiti drawing, etc. as a prize, the winner may be awarded votes.

It is important to know that various programs to improve rankings and getting free votes are used by fraudsters to gain access to your page in social network "Vkontakte". As a result, you may lose access to your account. The virus program may ask you to send an SMS to log on to the site "Vkontakte" or send a message to a nonexistent boat." As a result, many people become victims of the pyramid lose their money. Therefore, you should exercise caution and not to buy votes risky ways.