Bright brown-haired women

It is clear that women with chestnut hair color don't so much catch the eye as "red beast", bright blondes or brunettes extravagant. But hair color chestnut have many shades and attract attention for its naturalness.

Brown palette is so varied that a woman of any complexion can pick out any shade from light brown to honey, from light ash brown to graphite, from chocolate to dark brown.

Undoubtedly, externally chestnut color seems neutral, however, when the choice of shades should be to eliminate the sharp contrasts between skin color and hair color. In addition, the natural shades of hair gained recently huge popularity. Therefore, the selection of shade is necessary to aspire to the naturalness and to take into account the combination of natural hair color, skin tone and eye color. Well-chosen shade will enhance the beauty of women and there will be fresh look at any age.

Experts say that the desired hair color you can get if you choose a shade that is different from the natural color hair more than two shades. Paint matched to a shade darker than the desired color in blond hair. For dark hair the shade of paint should be two shades lighter than desired.

Picking the right shade, skillfully applying the rules of make-up and choosing a shading color the hair closet, any woman with hair the color chestnut would look elegant and sophisticated. No less impressive and no less bright than burning brunette, fiery redhead or a platinum blonde.

Hair color and character

Hair color affects a person's character psychologists say. With this statement agree women who at least once dramatically changed the hair color. And if redheads are wild and eccentric, rock brunettes are purposeful and strong-willed nature, flexible blonde, women with chestnut hair color, usually balanced, responsible and self-sufficient. And career they formed the most successful.

In addition, according to statistics, the winner of the brown hair are associated in men with a homey feel more than blondes redheads or brunettes. Beauties with chestnut tinge the impression of thoughtful interlocutors and others have a special attractive force, based on deep human values.