Creative or classic hairstyle

If you are the owner of hair permanently making creative, unusual hair styles, it talks about love to experiment in life. Such a person is sociable, open. Often the possessor of extraordinary hairstyles, you can assign extravagant behavior.

If the hair is classical and restrained, and the owner of the hair is kept in communication. Also, a woman is characterized by calm nature. Often people with a classic hairstyle are introverts.

Hair length and character

Soft, perfectly coiffed long hair talking about femininity and sensuality. If the hair is not straight, and wavy, their owner — the romantic and feminine nature.

Short hair talking about business acumen in nature. Often these people love sport and active way of life. They're all over the place. Women with short hair always try to keep myself to the maximum. Their day starts with sports, then work, home in the evening. And they don't stop coming up with new tasks for work. They are independent and responsible. These women strive for emancipation, that is, to equality between men and women.

If the lady always makes a bun or ponytail, then she has a serious attitude to life. Often these women are constrained in communication. It is this type of women can be attributed to the concept of workaholic.

Character hair color

About the relationship of hair color to the character has long been a legend. Probably all heard about the misconception about blondes. Of jokes, we can only highlight the fact that these women are sexy. The rest is misleading. Blondes — women with well-developed intuition. They know how to trust their hunches. Women with blond hair often hide their emotional nature. It is prudent, intelligent women, who are rarely able to fully trust anyone.

Brunette — melancholic by nature. They are sensitive, receptive and emotional. These women may be very upset even from small failures. But they don't like to dwell on their failures. They are characterized by mood swings. They are very goal-oriented, kind strategists. And very often easily achieve their goals.

Brown-haired women — gentle women, characterized by a smooth character. They are considered nice people. They can easily talk on almost any subject. Well can smooth over any conflict. These women are calm, balanced and stress. The emphasis is not on their appearance but on your mind. In other people, they also estimate mind.

Red — people who can think outside the box. They are characterized by irascibility, in disputes they may begin to say, absolutely not thinking about the consequences. These fiery girls and remind yourself on fire. They are passionate and emotional, is able to surrender completely to the feelings.