Brown, especially light brown – at the peak of popularity because of fashion today is natural. If you have brown hair, there is no need to become a burning brunette or a stunning blonde. Conversely, many natural blondes and even brunettes repainted in dark brown shade. What are and how they look dark blonde hair.

What determines hair color

But first find out from what depends on the color of hair. It is determined by the presence of hair pigments pheomelanin and eumelanin. Melanin is a natural dark pigment, which in varying amounts are present not only in hair but also in skin and in the iris. Pheomelanin has a reddish hue. Its molecules are distributed diffusely and various combinations of it with eumelanin (black-brown pigment) form a different hair color. If eumelanin more molecules pheomelanin not "clog" the color of a reddish tinge and dark hair. If eumelanin little, and pheomelanin too much red hair or reddish. If little eumelanin, and pheomelanin, blonde hair.

What does dark blonde hair color

If you have dark brown hair, it means three things. In the cells of the cortical layer of your hair more eumelanin, the density of vegetation on your head, medium (about 100000-120000 hairs, to compare the brunettes – 100000, the red – 80000, blondes – 150000). Your hair is of medium thickness and softness (the most thick and coarse hair – dark or light, respectively, thin and soft).

The range of colors of human hair is wide. To determine the color created a special scale based on the breakdown of gamut color into three categories: reddish-orange, yellowish-orange and ash. A sample for exact color definition can be done using spectrophotometry (reflected light) or colometry (use of special solutions with pigment hoods). But it's for scientific research. In the popular understanding of people by the color of the hair is divided into brunettes, brown-haired and blond. These three categories in turn can be divided into two subcategories. The brunettes are people with dark brown, black and bluish-black hair. The ranks of blondes includes people with blond hair,, light ash Golden and light brown. If you have dark brown hair, you, along with the owners of brown, blond and red hair, think of the brown-haired.

Dark brown color – natural, versatile, deep. It is suitable to almost any makeup. He always looks smart and it does not have to worry about hair and matching outfits – dark brown will fit almost any style and color scheme. If your hair is dark blonde, long and slightly wavy – the effect of your hair will always be awesome.