Hair color and blue eyes

Centuries of observation showed that the blue eyes suit any shade of hair, except for a fiery red color. Grey eyes also look harmoniously with any color – but blue eyes a perfect match for the hair of light shades. The most attractive combined with eyes of this color are brown hair that look great even with gray hair.

Stylists do not recommend to immediately change the hair color, adjusting his gray-blue eyes according to the fashion – perhaps the natural color of hair is the most suitable.

The perfect solution is pre-fitting wig any color – this will help to accurately determine the correct selection. You can look at a combination of gray-blue eyes with brown or black hair color, and you can highlight their contrasting warm reddish hue, which set off the cold gray-blue color. Young girls can pick him calm pinkish hue, while older women should pay attention to the gray tones, complemented by coloring with tinted balm.

Selection of color in the skin

When choosing the shade of hair to grey blue eyes definitely need to consider the type of skin. So, the owners of dark storm colored eyes it is advisable to opt for black, brown, rich brown and dark red colours. It should be remembered that the color of paint chosen should not contrast sharply with the natural hair color more than one or two colors.

To dye the hair should have a professional hairdresser who will determine the right shade and the right mix of paint, if several colors are used.

Bliznaci girls with gray-blue eyes absolutely contraindicated silvery tones of the hair that give the appearance inexpressiveness and dullness. The most correct choice for them are copper, caramel, bronze and Golden shades of blonde, combined with a few reddish or chocolate strands. The most beneficial in this case looks a lot of thin strips, which are evenly spaced on the hair using highlighting on the foil. For coloring the individual strands, which accentuate the pale skin and gray-blue eyes, use a mixture of several shades of paint.