Day dream – one of the desires of the working people. Think you should get some shut-eye, at least for an hour, as soon as will power, energy, etc. However, not all NAPs brings relief. Some people often Wake up in the afternoon with a bad headache or ringing in the ears. And the desire to sleep, turns into a violent discomfort.

Why there is a headache after sleep

The human body, say doctors, is fit mostly for functioning in an upright position. And when it is replaced by a horizontal is compressed all systems and organs. The heart begins to pump blood through the vessels with regard to their tightness, and play the blood through the veins with the strength of gravity. The result is an imbalance of all systems, headache and other disorders.
Usually, the dream day is an unplanned action, which also goes against the biological clock of a person. So he causes discomfort, night also causes less.

Doctors have identified a number of reasons to have a headache after sleeping:
- by displacement of the vessels of the head and neck;
- drinking alcohol before bed;
- by displacement of the vertebral artery;
the lack of oxygen in the room.
- night stand.

In the first case, if you lie on your side, peredelyvayut vessels on the side of the head on which you lie. As a result, swelling, which disrupts the blood circulation. Naturally, the brain starts to miss the nutrients, there is a headache.
If by displacement of the vessels occurs the tension on the afflicted area, as a result, the situation is even more exacerbated vessels and nerves more compressed.

Drinking alcohol before bed leads to the fact that you can sleep without changing position, which will also aggravate the compression or squashing of the blood vessels. Alcohol causes swelling of internal organs, including vessels. Further adds to this intoxication as a result of disintegration of alcohol.

Another reason – by displacement of the vertebral artery. This problem occurs because of an uncomfortable body position during sleep, when the neck is literally crooked.

Sealed unventilated space also becomes a cause of headaches after a NAP. The brain even in sleep is not disabled and continues to work. And for that he needs energy that it gets from the oxygen. If there is a lack of fresh air, starts the secretion of toxic substances that affect brain receptors, causing pain.

The difficulty of the venous outflow from the head, which leads to intracranial pressure.

The displacement is also the cause of the pain. Because sometimes, to recover, you need only 30-40 minutes, and the person may sleep a couple of hours. In this case, the tension and compression or squashing of the blood vessels significantly increased and there are unpleasant symptoms.

What you should consider

Depression, stress and other nervous disorders can also cause sleep disturbances, including daytime and headaches. So if you feel troubled before a NAP, drink a bit of natural sedative, for example, Valerian or motherwort.

Do not go to sleep during the day laying on the hair. Proven: the chemical components of paints, foams and gels for the hair and lead to headaches.

If you regularly feel overwhelmed and tired after a day of sleep, consult a doctor. Because sometimes it's a signal that the body is something serious.