And scientists are always happy to answer. Especially, as you know, British. They have found why after lunch I want to sleep. The matter is in the level of glucose in the blood. When he rises, the part of cells of the brain ceases to signal that they are awake. Especially this phenomenon affects the cells that synthesize orexin. This hormone is responsible for sleep stage and wakefulness.Another reason is the carbohydrate. If it particularly a lot of dishes, eaten for lunch, it also leads to sleepiness. Because the carbohydrate causes the brain to actively produce serotonin. This hormone causes a calm. And therefore, having too many carbs, I want to sleep.Another version of this problem – the imperfection of our body. After eating, the blood rushes to the digestive system, depriving the brain of proper attention. Because this mental body receives necessary for normal functioning of the amount of oxygen. From this, the person feels tired and wants to sleep. Besides, the overwork food the brain also takes some part. And engaged in this process, he is unable to engage in any other activity. Therefore, the brain simply "shut off" the body, sending him to sleep. What to do if you just sleep there, but there is want? To eat easier. To reduce the amount of sugar carbohydrates. Replace fatty meat, oily potatoes on rice with salad and a light soup. Of course, not forever. Faster to break down food will help pills, for example, "Mezim Forte". After lunch it is better to give your body a rest. If you do not sleep, then at least to lie down. In addition, knowing such a feature of the organism (after all, someone's property is stronger, someone- less), do not schedule important meetings immediately after lunch. You will not be able to grasp all the information and react to it properly.