Causes of throbbing headache

To cause throbbing headaches can colds that can lead to sinusitis, sinusitis or meningitis. This symptom can be combined with impaired vision or eye pain. If the pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting should be excluded acute angle-closure glaucoma. It is necessary to change blood pressure.

Chronic throbbing and pulsating headaches may occur when the wrong selection of diopters glasses. Eyes are constantly strained, which is reflected on the optic nerve. Headaches in this case often appear in the evening and are accompanied by muscle tension in the neck, with sensation of contraction of scalp.

Hypothermia and discomfort in the nose or throat can also cause pulsation in the right side of the head. This can occur when consuming ice cream or cold water.

Sharp pulsating pain in the head can cause a migraine. Increasingly it affects young women in the morning. The pain may be of varying intensity – from mild to the strongest. This may experience nausea, vomiting, poor perception of sharp light and loud sounds. The duration of such conditions may last from several hours to several days.

Headache may occur in connection with the abuse of alcohol, Smoking, taking drugs. There is a possibility of its appearance and because of stressful situations and physical activities.
With pulsing headaches you can call the therapist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon.

Therapeutic measures

Endure the headache is not recommended. When it occurs you can take analgin, tsitramon, but-shpu or aspirin. To make it better at the first sign of pain, because then to deal with severe pain is more difficult. If the headaches are chronic, it is imperative to visit a specialist. He's going to find out the cause of the pain and prescribe necessary treatment.
Headache well relieves breathing exercises, but it will lead to success only under condition of competent performance.

It is not necessary to write off traditional methods of treatment. To stop the throbbing pain, you can try to put your head down for a few minutes in hot water. If migraines are not triggered by cold, it is possible to eat ice cream or drink an icy beverage. Sometimes it helps to Cup of black coffee. When throbbing headaches due to high blood pressure, it is better to take a proven medication.