Advice 1: How to get free glucose meter for diabetes

Self-control is an important part of diabetes treatment. To measure the blood sugar level at home using a glucometer. In some cases this device the patient can obtain for free.
How to get free glucose meter for diabetes
Self-monitoring in diabetes requires certain financial costs. Costs include acquisition of the measuring device and test strips. Normal blood glucose meter is 1000-2000 rubles each study blood sugar - 10-25 roubles. The current standards of care for patients with diabetes do not involve the free provision of glucometers. However, some patients receive the device as a gift on various programs.

Blood glucose meter as a gift in the place of residence

Patients with diabetes are observed in the district hospital with an endocrinologist, internist or General practitioner.
To visit a doctor in the district hospital the patient with diabetes needed 1 time per month.
Doctor can help to get a free blood glucose meter if available.

Some municipal budgets allocate funds for the purchase of devices for diabetics. Unfortunately, such programs do not operate in all regions of Russia.

In addition, part of the manufacturers offered their products for free, as a gift further enhances the sale of test strips. Representatives of the companies most often transfer the glucometers for gratuitous distribution to the doctors in clinics.

The meter in the regional center

In many large cities of Russia is organized in specialized diabetes centres. On the basis of such medical institutions patients can undergo testing and training.

The doctors of the diabetes centres are sometimes able to transmit the blood glucose meter as a gift to the patient from the manufacturer. Large companies interested in distributing their products, often interact with physicians regional medical institutions.

Promotions manufacturers

To increase sales many companies provide promotions, including the distribution of free glucometers. Information about such events can be obtained from the attending physician and on the websites of companies.
Usually the shares are held in drugstores and medical equipment stores.
Free glucometer from the manufacturer can be issued when you purchase test strips or performing other conditions.


Various charitable organizations help patients with diabetes. To get free blood glucose meter you must know what funds and companies functioning in your region. The most active charity organizations support of preferential categories of citizens (orphans, disabled, veterans).

Every year 14 November is the world day of struggle against diabetes. Most of the stocks, providing including free distribution of blood glucose meters, are dedicated to this date.

Advice 2: What is the permissible error of the meter

Self-monitoring in diabetes is an important component of treatment. To measure blood sugar at home use blood glucose meter. The margin of error of this instrument is higher than in laboratory analyzers, blood glucose.
What is the permissible error of the meter
Measurement of blood sugar is necessary for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of diabetes and the dose adjustment of drugs. From the therapy depends on how many times a month you will need to measure the sugar. Sometimes a blood analysis is needed many times during the day, sometimes just 1-2 times a week. Self-control is especially necessary for pregnant women and patients with type 1 diabetes.

The permissible error of the meter according to the world standards

The meter is not considered a precision instrument. It is designed only for approximate determination of the concentration of sugar in the blood.

The permissible error of the meter according to the world standards is 20% at glucose 4.2 mmol/L.

For example, if the self-control level sugar 5 mmol/l, the actual concentration value is in the range from 4 to 6 mmol/L.

The permissible error of the meter under standard conditions is measured in percentage and not in mg/DL. the higher, the larger the error in absolute numbers. For example, if the blood sugar reaches about 10 mmol/l, the error does not exceed 2 mmol/l, and if the sugar is about 20 mmol/l, the difference with results from laboratory measurements can be up to 4 mmol/L.
In most cases, the meter overestimates the indicators of glycemia.

The standards allow for the excess of the stated measurement error in 5% of cases. This means that every twentieth research can significantly distort the results.

The margin of error of the blood glucose meters of different companies

The meters are subject to mandatory certification. The accompanying device documents usually given the numbers of permissible measurement error. If you do not see in the instructions, the inaccuracy is 20%.

Some manufacturers of blood glucose meters, pay special attention to the accuracy of the measurements. There are devices for European companies, which have a margin of error of less than 20%. The best indicator to date is 10-15%.

The error of the meter with self-control

Permissible error of measurement that describes the operation of the device. On the accuracy of the study is influenced by some other factors. Improperly prepared skin, too small or large the volume of the resulting drop of blood, unacceptable temperature mode - all this can lead to errors.

Only if all rules are self-enforced, you can count on the declared margin of error of the study.
Rules of self-control with the help of a glucometer can be obtained from the attending physician.

The accuracy of the meter can be checked at the service center. The warranty obligations of the manufacturers provide free advice and Troubleshooting.

Advice 3: How to measure blood sugar glucose meter

People suffering from sugar diabetes, having a genetic predisposition to this disease or those who are carefully watching their health, it is necessary to measure the level of sugar in blood. It's not necessary to constantly go to the hospital. To know your performance can and at home by using glucometer.
How to measure blood sugar glucose meter
You will need
  • Blood glucose meter, cotton ball, alcohol test strips, a special pen to puncture.
The meter is a special device which is designed for independent measurement of sugar level in blood at home and in field conditions, i.e. outside the medical institution. It is for 8-15 seconds shows accurate result of glucose level in blood. This device is fairly simple to use and anyone can use it.
To start, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Next, prepare the device to work.
Lay on the table the device itself, a special handle to puncture the finger of the test strip vial with alcohol and a cotton swab. Adjust the knob to puncture. According to the instructions, set it for the necessary division, showing the depth of the puncture and pull the spring.
Remove from packaging of the test strip and insert it into the device. If you did everything correctly, the device turns on automatically.
Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the finger you intend to pierce. Then gently pierce the finger. Get a drop of blood 2-3 mm in size, and touch to her work sector test strips. The sector should be fully filled. Keep in mind that the blood should not be spread, otherwise the puncture must be repeated.
Press the cotton ball to the puncture site and wait for the test result. Data on the level of sugar in blood you will see on the screen of the meter in just a few seconds. Then remove the test strip, after which the device will turn off automatically.
Useful advice
To determine the level of sugar in blood on an empty stomach, as after eating indicators may be blurred, and patients with diabetes need to test before each insulin injection. Also watch the expiration date on test strips. Thanks to self-monitoring and the continuous measurement of blood sugar level can be detected and to avoid hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia.
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