Use apricot kernel

Sami apricot pits to eat quite problematic, because they are very solid. But the nucleoli inside, have a pleasant sweet taste and is rich in rare vitamin B17, which includes a cyanide substance. In small doses it is fatal for produced in the body the cancer cells and in healthy cells it is converted to a simple carbohydrate. Thus, the kernels of these fruits are on the body as harmless for healthy cells, natural chemotherapy.

In addition, the apricot kernels contain about 20% protein and 70% of valuable edible oil that is used in the manufacture of various useful medicines and cosmetics. The composition of apricot kernel oil are essential for humans fatty acids are: oleic, linoleic, palmitic. Contained in the nuclei of these fruit also contains lactose, vitamins PP, A and F. the Latter, incidentally, is often called the beauty vitamin. There are also mineral elements such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium.
In Ancient China, the apricot kernel oil thanks to its unique composition was valued more than gold.

The use of apricot seed in cooking

Sweet and a little crunchy kernels of apricot pits are used in many areas, from culinary to cosmetology. Their pleasant sweet taste to many dishes adds a special piquancy. For example, the kernels of these fruits, you can add apricot jam to make it taste more interesting, and the appearance is beautiful. Only they must be boiled for 10-20 minutes together with jam.

The kernels of apricot seed can also be added to many dishes is nuts. They go well with oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese. They are often mixed with honey or some jam, and then use as a filling for rolls, waffles or other sweet pastries. The crushed kernels of apricot seed can also be used in various salads. And for the treatment of cardiovascular disease fresh apricot kernels should be brewed in a tea.
In 100 g of kernels of apricot seeds contains 450 calories.

The sweetness of the apricot kernel allows you to eat them in its purest form is one of the most effective broad-spectrum Anthelmintics. However, we must remember that in the day of an adult without harm to health can eat only 50 grams of this product, and children – two times less. In a large number of nucleoli apricot kernels can lead to poisoning due to the contained prussic acid.