So what would a sharp sense of podstupeni food to the oropharynx arise, it is necessary to observe simple rules:

  • not to eat not fresh food and products that are not passed before the end of food processing.
  • after a meal do not engage in heavy physical labor. That is, immediately after lunch don't go to the gym to lift weights with the weight of the upper boundaries of your bromeliad.
  • try to avoid all kinds of situations where you need to give the load on the vestibular apparatus. That is not to circle with the speed in one place with no apparent need, avoid rides the same plan.

All of the above will help to deal with nausea much less often than before.If the nausea started, you should resort to established norms in this regard and get rid of the nausea, whatever it costs you. So:

  • Stop everything you were doing. Especially if engaged in physical labor, exercise - unconditionally put the barbell or dumbbells!
  • Increase the flow of oxygen. If possible go outside. You can open the window or the window. Sit closer to the air conditioning or, in extreme cases, just wave something in front of the face.
  • Take the position of the body in which the health as good. You can stay seated, or choose the reclining position. Note that if you decide to lie on your back, then the head should turn sideways. Whatever the case, still occurred vomiting is not easy to aspirate on her own vomit.
  • Remove all neck scarves, chains, etc. Nothing should prevent to pass the air through the respiratory tract.
  • To apply medications. Start with a simple drug to attempt to remove nausea is a small concentration of ammonia to bring the fleece under the nose for a short period of time. If nausea occurs in the road in a vehicle, on a plane or on the liner it is possible to use special drugs that affect the brain.

If the feeling of nausea did not arise abruptly and is manifested not clearly, can you do a chewing movement – apply the gum or just chew the tip of a match. If nothing of the above did not help, and the feeling of nausea haunts you often refer to your family doctor.