You will need
  • Computer.
If your computer is missing the driver for the sound card, the sound reproduction in this case will be impossible. To install the required software, you will need a suitable drive, which must be included with the product. After inserting the disc in the drive, wait for it to automatically boot. Once the disk will be read on the desktop will open the client to install the desired software. Install the driver on a computer without changing any parameters of the installation. After the software installation is complete, restart the computer.
After your PC restarts, open the toolbar and go to "Sound and audio devices". Here you can set certain parameters of sound reproduction. Connecting to the computer speakers or headphones, set the analog outputs according to the connected devices. After that, if audio playback is not followed, pump up the volume on the device audio (subwoofer, speakers, headphones).
Open the menu "audio Settings" and set all sliders to the maximum value. Perhaps some of them will be in disabled state. You need to activate these tools and to put their sliders to the maximum position. After performing all these steps, the computer sound is turned on.