First, check the position of the volume control which is on the notebook, initially it needs to be at the minimum values. Try to increase the volume by turning it in the right direction.
If the problem persists, use the standard mixer – a utility to adjust Windows sound settings, in most cases, this will be a panel Realtek AC97 Audio. The mixer has a lot of sliders for adjusting volume, balance and frequency of the sound. Here it is necessary to pay attention to a tick Mute All, it needs to be reset. In the absence of sound with specific devices such as Microphone, CD or DVD, you must adjust the relevant sliders.
If the sound source you are using external speakers, check their settings. They usually require an external power source, check whether they are connected to the outlet and whether they adjusted the volume.
If the settings of the various devices to get sound fail, try to update the software of the sound card. Insert the floppy disk that came with the laptop, and reinstall the appropriate driver.