You will need
  • - fabric (100% cotton);
  • - bias binding;
  • - lightning;
  • - buttons;
  • - sintepon;
Make pattern pattern. When cutting, consider that the width of the shelf is equal to the circumference of the chest of the child, the length of the shelves - the distance from shoulder to waist. The length of the sleeping bag should correspond to the child's growth, and bottom - to be as free as possible, not to hinder the movements of the baby during sleep.
Transfer the pattern to the material with a seam 1-2 cm.
Take all the details in 2 copies for the front and inside, besides shelves and filled with padding polyester. The batting is cut in the shape only of the bag (the bottom).
Sew details of lining the envelope with synthetic padding. Adding internal detail to the face, stitch to the line of connection to the shelf. Remove the parts bag and smooth out the edges.
Prostrochite details shelves (sides, straps and the neck), turning, align the edges.
Connect the shelf and the bottom.
Sew the front part from the back at the side seam on one side, and on the other side sew the zipper. Turn and press all edges.
Baste loops on the straps front. Sew buttons to the straps of the back.
Decorate the sleeping bag with a decorative applique or embroidery.