The symptoms of boil is itching of the skin around it. And the next day he reddens, thickens and hurts. 3-7 days appears the abscess that is starting to Mature and break. The ripening process may be accompanied by fever and General malaise. The average boil runs for 10-12 days, but if you have lowered immunity, the period is greatly increased. The emergence of boils is very often contributes to contamination, impaired metabolism, hypothermia, etc. is a Very dangerous boil, which appears on the face. Especially if it was above the corners of the lips, but below the eyes. In the face area where the boil, there is swelling of the surrounding tissues. If you have skyrocketed the temperature or vision problems should immediately contact the surgeon.
But if your state of health in norm, it is possible to cure boil at home. For this you can use a medical means. Buy at the pharmacy Ichthyol ointment. It has not only anti-inflammatory and local analgesic effects, but also bactericidal. When the boil burst, use Vishnevsky ointment, which will help to pull the rod. And when the rod will come out, use will levomekol. Don't forget to frequently change the bandage, it will protect you from getting dirt and dust on your site.
There are also traditional treatments. To do this, take a medium-sized onion and sinter it. Cut and tie the side pieces to the boil. Dressing changes, preferably every 3-4 hours. So you need to make to complete extraction of pus. Or take rye bread, plenty of salt and chew thoroughly. And then apply on the boil. Tie and you can leave it for the night. Contact with the boil should be very careful not to cause the penetration of infection even deeper.