The maximum duration of the period shall be 7 days. If they are plentiful and are longer than required, it is recommended to contact a gynecologist. He can figure out the true cause of this phenomenon and prescribe a medication that will eliminate this problem. But is that going to a specialist does not always have the time, so you need to act quickly.

Folk remedies

To stop menstruation, you can use nettle. It is an ancient method that has helped many. A decoction of this plant is recommended to drink during menstrual period. It is based on 4-5 tablespoons of the dry herb in 500 ml of hot water. Nettle is filled with water, a 5 minute boil in a water bath and infuse for half an hour. To drink a decoction is necessary for 100 ml before meals, three times a day.

To stop menses with the help of lemon. It should be consumed for 3 days prior to expected onset of menstruation. At the same period comes a few days late, and will not last long.


If you need to quickly stop your period, you should purchase medicines. Quite a lot of them, but the most popular are menadione, dicynone, trinixy. They quickly stop menstruation, but before applying you need to read the list of contraindications. After all, the consequence of taking these medications is often thrombophlebitis, so you need to consult a gynecologist.

Oral contraceptives

To stop menstruation by using contraceptives, but only need to take them constantly. To achieve its goal should not be prescribed to a break in the contraceptive pill. However, doctors are against this method of regulation of the cycle because it often leads to poor health, hormonal issues and problems with his recovery.


Some women constantly suffer prolonged menstruation, but it can be cured, you only need to implement some of the recommendations. First, you need to lead an active lifestyle, and secondly, sex life should be regular. You should also not sit on a diet, the body needs a balanced diet, then he will not fail. All this will allow to reduce the duration of menstruation and make it less abundant. Moreover, these recommendations will not harm the body, on the contrary, it will function as a clock.