Organization of a wedding celebration requires large investments. To save on clothes or at the party does not want so many couples decide after the wedding sell dress and bridesmaid shoes to save some funds. In the old days believed in many omens, and follow them. And only life experience will show the truth of these superstitions. When it comes to family happiness, I want to respect all beliefs, not to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Folk omens

Popular superstition States that the bride does not have anyone (neither the sisters nor the mother) to give to measure your wedding dress before the wedding and after it. According to another belief, you cannot sell your wedding dress, if it gets into the wrong hands, then the marriage will soon fall apart. In addition to these beliefs, is still the place to be signs, which referred to the miraculous properties of the wedding dress. If the first one got sick, the mother should wear a wedding dress and sit down beside the child. After this ceremony sickness leave. So you should consider to sell the dress or not, because it is fraught with magical properties that you can use during family life.

Clothing is also a source of memories of important events in life. Looking for a wedding dress, go right back to the happiest day - the day of the wedding. Especially touching to remember the past events of being in a respectable age. You can show wedding outfits for their children and grandchildren.
In some families there is a tradition to pass on wedding dresses from generation to generation. You can take it on Board.

What to do with the dress

If marriage soon after the wedding fell apart, people signs lose their power. You can do with the dress as you like: to sell, to throw, to burn, to give. To dispose of his former outfit the bride herself.
If the bride decided not to keep your wedding attire, it is possible to alter in a beautiful dress and to wear to some celebration.

People who do not believe in omens, live safer, easily follows the path of life. A person's thoughts have tremendous energy that can materialize and appear in reality. Therefore it is necessary to think more about the good, not to a self-fulfilling prophecy. If one believes in omens, he programs himself the result of some event. And if the soul becomes calmer from the fact that everything is done according to the rules, then you need to respect people's beliefs.