Wedding dress can be profitable to sell. Find want to buy help online and a local newspaper. In the first case, you should put an ad on the popular trading sites and forums. For this, you will need to sign up to take a picture of the dress to post pictures and a brief description. In the second case you place an ad in the newspaper in the section "purchase-sale/used". Be sure that within a few days you will call.
Wedding dress to rent. In this case, of course, you run the risk of receiving back dress in damaged condition. So prepare in advance the contract, in the event of damages you could receive monetary compensation.
Wedding dress can be taken in a thrift store. But note that the shop will take the outfit at a discounted price. But the clothes will not gather dust in the closet, and you will get the money to buy a new dress that can be worn every day.
Give the wedding dress of your relative, friend or acquaintance to the girl. Believe me, you will receive much more than money – thanks. Make a gift to the poor girl. In the country there are many brides who dream of a white wedding dress, but do not have the financial ability to buy it. Consequently, you will become to what extent is my fairy godmother and make someone's dream come true! To do this you can place an ad in the newspaper. It will need to specify that you want to give a gift outfit. Those wishing to receive such a nice gift will surely be many.