You will need
  • - steamers;
  • - iron
  • - gauze;
  • an Ironing Board;
  • - clothes hangers.
Read the label dresses – there must be specified the composition of the tissue. Often wedding dresses are made of all sorts of variations of polyester. It does not apply to highly shrinkable materials. However, the dressPacked in a box, probably formed with pressed pleats, and trim jammed.
Try on the outfit. If the corsage doesn't require Ironing, better not touch it. Take the skirt it will almost certainly require treatment.
If you have a household steamer, you can very quickly lead dress in order. Pour water into the device, turn it on and hang the outfit on a hanger. First treat large surface – puffed skirts, rebounds, shuttlecocks. Last amperite sleeves and trim the bodice. Do not forget about the bottom skirts – if they are crushed, the dress will not be fluffy enough.
In the absence of a steamer you can help iron. Well, if it has the function of the vertical steaming. Hang the dress on a hanger and give it a steam iron set to "silk". If the outfit is made from dense fabric that imitates taffeta or satin, try a higher temperature.
If your iron does not work in a vertical position, try carefully ironed dress. You will need an assistant who will hold skirts, a freshly ironed cloth to avoid wrinkling. Lay the Ironing Board fabric and handle from the inside. Be especially careful with decoration – embroidery, rhinestones, sequins or beads. Ironed dress better through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth – so you do not damage or dirty matter.
Dress with a voluminous skirt, embellished rebounds and Boothe is not always possible to smooth. Try a different method. Hang the outfit on a hanger, put them over the bathtub and let the hot water, tightly closed the bathroom door. Hot steam fills the room and straightened the crumpled folds and ruffles.
Processed steam or iron the dress don't put in the closet. Hang it so that the skirt completely finished. Don't wear the outfit immediately after Ironing – it will wrinkle even more. Dress should rest for a few hours, then it will retain its shape until the end of the celebration.