Take a picture of your fur coat and upload a photo with information about the thing, its the price of sites with free ads on the Internet. Renew your ad on the website, when will come the time of publication.
Report the sale wedding coat through Newspapers with free ads, writing under the heading of "clothes" or "things." You can pay a small amount in the newspaper and your advertisement will allocate a special way so that it catches the eyes of readers.
Visit with your wedding coat consignment shops in which the thing can take and get paid for it or immediately after it is sold. Offer coat at low price in Bridal salons or in the store where you purchased it.
Call friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work. Perhaps some of them will soon be preparing for the wedding, and the wedding coat for a small price, lower than the store, they.
Find salons hire wedding clothes and accessories. Will offer the administration of these institutions to buy from you coat. In such firms receive many newlyweds, and the cabin is necessary to replenish the range of products that it offers for rent.