The most important thing to remember is, within two to four days after the celebration dress must be taken in cleaning. This ensures that dust, dirt, smudges from cosmetics and food does not linger on the fabric and the dress will not lose its presentation. It is cleaned dress to keep in polybag, it can lead to yellowing of the fabric as polyethylene harmful for the fabric of matter.
The easiest way to solve the problem with a used wedding dress is, of course, storage. You can remove the dress cover, a cover to hang out, and in moments of melancholy to look at the white dress. However, this option is not for everyone. Instead of a garment bag you can use a big box. Before you remove the dress, wrap it in clean cotton cloth. Perhaps in the distant future your daughter will want to marry in his mother's dress.
Dress can be sold. However, there are some nuances. As fashion changes quickly, sell dress preferably almost immediately after the wedding, so you get the max amount of money. To keep the dress in perfect condition, put it on a mannequin or hang on a special loop, you reduce the chance of deformation of the fabric. Sell wedding outfits preferred via the Internet, you can use the ad exchange for example.
Wedding dress you can alter. Individual craftsmen huge alter dresses, even pantsuits. But for that, your dress should be a long train or a very large skirt. Conventional wedding dresses are often altered in summer sundresses or casual dress. If you do know how to sew, it won't be a problem. Otherwise, you can go to the Studio. But just in case, better to look for reviews on the alleged Studio in the Internet. It would be a shame to ruin a favorite outfit.
One of the most delicate options operating used wedding dresses is to alter it in an envelope for a newborn. By the way, huge dresses with trains will allow you to sew a new outfit for herself, and elegant envelope for the baby.