You will need
  • helium handle with rod, mechanical pencil with clip, guitar string, motor player with plastic roller, wires, power pack, gear and bushing from the tape, plastic pipe, file, pliers
Take a gel pen and remove it from the rod.
Squeeze the bulb from the stem.
Take a guitar string and try to paste into the resulting hole. If the string does not pass - gently grind the rounded part of the shaft with a file.
Shorten the barrel to about half.
Take a string and roughly mark the required length (length of the string must match the length of the rod handle). Tighten the string and bring the lit lighter to the planned place. The string should be heated red-hot and burst.
Calcined piece of string, which you are going to use and flatten it.
Carefully veverite the required length and "bite" of the pliers.
Carefully sharpen one end of the string on a whetstone - this will be the needle. The shape of the tip of the needle can be both flat and conical. Slightly bend the needle on the end - this will facilitate fine lines.
The second end of the string to be attached to the engine, bend at an angle of 90 degrees.
Insert the string in the rod, and the rod in the handle body.
Make a small hole in the spout of the handle. This hole will accumulate mascara.
Attach the engine using a clip from a mechanical pencil, and some tape. Thanks to this flexible mount you can adjust the position of the string needle.
Make a hole in the shaft of the engine with the hot needle. The hole diameter should not be too large, otherwise the needle will fall out.
Regulate the working of the machine. The depth of a complete withdrawal of the needle should be 1-1,5 mm.