Why can write ex-boyfriend

Once you met him and you started a romantic relationship. You were in love and quite happy, but something went wrong. The relationship between a man and a woman is a kind of contract that is based on sexual love, friendship, financial, or psychological components. If something is a "contract" is not fulfilled, people differ.

Parting can be quite painful. But sometimes it becomes worse if the former begins to assert itself. Usually this happens at the most unexpected moment, when everything is already OK without it, but more often, when the husband and children.

Reasons why you may write ex-boyfriend, a lot. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the fact that he suddenly appeared, but also at what he writes to you.

If he mainly writes about how are his deeds, rather, he simply decided to show you that he and without you good. If he talks about his new woman, work, car, etc., then wants you to regret parting with such a "great guy". The reason your communication is on the surface, if you dig deeper, you can see his feelings, which are still not extinguished. Judge logically, why would a man who's happy to tell you about it? Definitely, you he still care about you, even if he does not yet understand.

If the former is more interested in your life, then he is to you the more it gets cold. Thus he manifests to you the signs of attention, because not every man knows how to listen to a woman.

If the former love openly says to you about their feelings, you have to make an important decision for themselves.

Whether to return to ex-boyfriend

Just remember, that was the reason for your breakup. It is no wonder that the last time you broke up with him. Is it worth to commit the same mistake?

Think about your real life. If you have a dependable man and you are afraid of losing it, be careful to check in with the former. Make a comparative description of the two lovers, and then compare these feelings to each of them.
Remember that there are guys who write ex-girlfriends just to knock them from the track. Some of them want revenge for the fact that once abandoned them.

In any case, only you can decide how to respond and whether to respond. Listen to your heart and it will tell you why you returned the former love.