You will need
  • You will need some patience and a little logic and observation.
First, examine his page in social networks. Likely, your opponent will be there myself to show. Pay special attention the column "marital status". It should be wary if it shows "it's complicated", " girlfriend", "married".
Look at the pictures located on the page and the writings on the wall. If the photographs and the records dominated by only one girl, it is an occasion to reflect.
Pay attention to phone conversations and SMS messages. If, during the telephone conversation, the young man feels awkward in your presence or even throws a challenge then this is one of the signs of the existence of other girls. Also be wary is if the guy's got a long SMS conversation, not dedicating to you in its essence.
Meet his friends. If a young man wants to introduce you to my company, it's a reason to be upset. Either he's not too seriously applies to you, or is afraid to be caught. In addition, another reason for the disorder may be a reluctance to visit with you a popular public places: cafes, clubs or cinemas. Young people may just be afraid that you will see along some of his friends.
If the guy is hiding something, then he will show it in sign language. Remember that a liar afraid to look you in the eyes and also often have sweaty palms. They often react negatively to your questions, or immediately trying to change the subject.
Another reason for doubt can become irregular spontaneous meetings. If time passes and you continue to meet only from time to time or have never planned a vacation together, so the young man is not entirely honest with you.