Traditional resort destinations

As practice shows, to budget foreign holidays in the sea is possible. The most popular among tourists are Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria. Each country is ready to offer a quality vacation for relatively little money.

Egypt and Turkey is a great country for families with children. The journey will not cost you very expensive when you choose the hotels category 3-4 stars. Typically, each of them has its own area, recreation area, outdoor pools (one for children), entertainment staff. In some there are even several water slides. Deserves special attention and food. Program "all inclusive" will not allow to spend extra money. Thus, the vacation will be eventful, delicious and cheap.

Bulgaria is very popular among tourists who want to relax inexpensively. The hotels here are of a different plan than in Turkey and Egypt. System "all inclusive" is uncommon and a disadvantage, if you are interested in a budget option. The best way to relax inexpensively in Bulgaria – rent a room in a family hotel or self-catering apartments. Food of good quality. Hearty and cheap to eat in the cafe: the portions are very large and tasty.

Many tourists for a cheap holiday abroad are choosing Asian destinations. The most popular are Thailand, GOA, Hainan island (China). The main ruin in this case – flight. But good housing, food, entertainment and travel is very cheap. This holiday will suit lovers of exotic and unusual dishes.

Cheap holidays in Europe

From European countries the most profitable activities are possible in Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus. In these places you can safely choose the hotel category 2 stars. They are especially ideal for people traveling only for business or sea.

The rest will be cheaper if you won't eat in the hotel or restaurants. Best option: local fast food or self-cooking. The latter approach is perfect if you're not staying at the hotel and had a Suite or apartment (which is much cheaper).

Inexpensive rest in Europe and Montenegro, Romania and Croatia. These countries have centuries of history, many attractions, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. The only negative – the service. It is far from the European average, however, budget travelers, this is rarely important.

It should be noted that the budget of the relaxation depends on the method of its organization. In some countries cheaper to buy a tour, the other – to organize the trip independently. The first method is particularly relevant for Eastern directions (Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt). In Europe, China, Thailand, as a rule, it is cheaper to go to rest without intermediaries.