As there are "main" and "cough medicine"

These drugs are usually prescribed for expectant mothers with threatened abortion. They contain a progesterone – a female sex hormone that is produced in the ovaries. It affects important biological processes in a woman's body, providing conditions favorable for the conception and successful gestation. "Vitrum" and "cough medicine" is needed to ensure that, if necessary, to compensate for the deficiency of progesterone and to help a woman to efficiently and safely deal with adverse pregnancy moments.
Cancel "Antiseptic" and "Utrozhestane" or change their doses are produced under the control of different indicators of pregnancy, including progesterone concentration in the blood.

What is the "antiseptic"

This drug is a potent synthetic analogue of natural progesterone. It is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and has no side effects. "Main" has a calming effect, which is sometimes an important factor in drug selection. A unique match "Antiseptic" natural progesterone provides a natural mechanism for normal pregnancy.

What are the benefits of "Utrozhestane"

This drug is the world's only progesterone produced from natural raw materials. He fully has the properties produced in the body hormone. The drug helps fertility and prepares the uterus for implantation. An important advantage of "Utrozhestane" is that it is available not only in the form of oral capsules, but also vaginal, this is very useful when harassing a pregnant woman the toxicosis. However, the drug has some side effects, including fatigue, drowsiness and worsening of mood.
The unique structure of the molecule "Utrozhestane" provides regulation of male sex hormones in a woman's body.

"Antiseptic" or "cough medicine"?

These hormones do not affect carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and does not promote fluid retention in the body, this means that for a woman to get better. In addition, they do not have contraceptive action and does not have the potential to adversely affect ovulation. According to numerous reviews of patients in each drug has its pluses and minuses, but which one is most suited to the woman, the doctor decides individually. Thanks to the "Duphaston" and "Utrogestan" many women have the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood.