Peeling nails as a sign of the disease

Partial or complete detachment of the toenails may be due to onycholysis is a disease in which between the nail plate and soft tissue is formed the gap. If at an early stage of development of pathology of a small detachment manages to mask the nail Polish, with advanced forms of the nail comes off completely and disfigures the finger.

Causes of onycholysis may be disorders of the cardiovascular, digestive or nervous systems, or fungal diseases, the most dangerous in terms of destruction. Pick up fungus is quite simple – just go barefoot in the sauna or pool, or to try on another's shoes. The risk of fungal disease is that it affects not only nails but also the skin of the feet and areas between the fingers. The disease is recognized by the color of deformed nail, which changes from dark blue to yellow-brown, and bruises.

Non-infectious and infectious nature of detachment of the nails

Wearing uncomfortable shoes is one of the common causes of peeling nails. If the toes hit the toe shoes and sore after walking, and the nails darken, from a Shoe better to give up entirely. To deformation of the nail plate, creating a high risk of detachment, and can cause injuries of varying severity. Treatment of the nail does not give in – you must wait for its complete rejection.

Sometimes, the causes of peeling nails are such skin diseases as dermatitis and dermatoses, psoriasis and eczema. And the reason, in turn, can be prolonged use of certain antibiotics, side effects of which just is onycholysis.

How to speed up the process of rejection of the damaged nail?

The problem of detachment of the toenails can be solved by the application of Kombucha, what it is a small piece privinchivayut to the nail. The procedure can be performed on the night and in the morning the softened nail plate can be cut off. So do as long as the nail does not depart completely.

For applying lotions and applications to the affected nails use garlic paste, fir oil, wine vinegar, decoction of St. John's wort and milkweed, as well as water tincture prepared from the resin of wild apricots. A sick plate to moisten the coffee strong welding and processing of salicylic ointment.

Prevention of detachment of the nail is the disinfection of shoes and the contents of the feet clean. If the lower extremity is often sweating, they should be regularly float in the broth oak bark.