The reasons for the separation nails

Nails is not just a decoration for women! They perform the important function of the body, which is to protect the terminal phalanges of the fingers against external damage. Healthy nails should be strong and elastic. If you notice the bundle, note the condition of his body.

It often happens that the nail peels off due to the lack of vitamins, minerals. For example, if the body lacks calcium, it will first affect the condition of the nail plate. In this case, you need to eat more dairy products. The reason for the poor condition of the nails may be a lack of such elements as magnesium. To make up the daily dose by eating normal food virtually impossible. For example, to obtain the allowance of magnesium, you will have to eat at a time about 2 kg of meat.
For the condition of the nails answer vitamins such as A, B, E, and C. Eat more berries, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.

If you notice the nails, check the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland and reproductive organs. Perhaps the reason for the separation of the nail plate lies within the body. Another reason may be stress, depression, fatigue and reduced immunity.

Nails are loaded and in everyday situations. Let's say you need something to knock over. You will naturally do it with fingernail, unaware that they are violating the integrity of the keratin layers. Form a micro gap, it is increasing, there is a cavity. To worsen the condition of the nail plate through substances present in tap water. They dried her. So the hands after washing lubricate nourishing cream.

Treatment stratification of nails

To improve the condition of the nail plate, properly court her. Be sure to lubricate the nails with a nourishing cream. All homework that you use detergents, always wear gloves.

Treat nail plate with olive oil. Use the bath with sea salt. Every 10 days, be sure to do the manicure. If you notice that the condition of your nails worsens, consult a specialist. In clinics can offer you a procedure such as sealing.
In the course of the inspection, the specialist will slice to put on plate preparations containing various vitamins and minerals.

And, of course, to prevent exfoliation of the keratin layer, it is necessary to diversify the diet, introducing healthy foods.