To withdraw the nail on the big toe can for several reasons. In any case, you will need to treat. Otherwise get rid of such problem you can not.

Does the nail on my big toe: causes

If moved the nail on the big toe and the skin of the feet become dry and cracked, it indicates the presence of a fungal disease called onychomycosis. Because of him the nail plate thins, and then splits and starts to move away. When this occurs it is primarily on the big toes. Onychomycosis occurs in people who have vascular disease and reduced immunity.

To cure a fungal disease is possible only with the help of special medications. They must be chosen in accordance with the causative agent of onychomycosis. Without preliminary medical examination make it impossible. The very cream should be used on a regular basis several times a day, until not grow back a new nail. After that, it will need to be applied as a preventive treatment 2-3 times a week.

To withdraw the nail on the big toe may be as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes. Sometimes you have to buy such due to the fact that you cannot find it in accordance with the characteristics of your foot. The result is squeezing of foot, and this leads to the fact that the nail plate is first deformed, and then starts to move away.

This problem may be observed not only on the big toe, but on some other. It all depends on the shoes. In this case, you need to immediately stop wearing. In addition, you will need to carefully trim the nail, and then to go to the doctor. He will prescribe vitamins that will help to stimulate blood circulation. As a result, after a month from such problems will not remain a trace.

Folk remedies for the treatment

Take advantage of the popular methods of treatment of the nail of the thumb when it is discharge from the skin. Take 3 liters of hot water and add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the solution and poparte it in the legs. Then wipe dry and apply to thumb a cotton pad soaked in oil of celandine. Gently bandage it and put on clean socks. Spend this procedure 2 times a day. Next week will be noticeable positive results.

Use a tea mushroom. Cutting it in small piece, attach to the nail, which departs, and then bandage it and go to sleep. In the morning the nail will have a more soft structure. It should be a little cut. To carry out this procedure you need until then, until complete recovery.