Strengthen brittle nails on the hands using an oil bath with the addition of lemon juice. Mix 1 tbsp olive oil with 0.5 tsp. of lemon juice in this mixture and lower the fingers so that it fully covered the nail plate. The procedure should last at least 15 minutes. Good strengthens nails pure lemon juice, it should be rubbed in the nail bed. Bath with sea salt will also help to keep nails in perfect condition, 2 tbsp of salt should be dissolved in a liter of warm water and hold it in her hands within 30 minutes. Then they need to be wiped dry and grease nourishing cream.
Massage the hands to improve circulation. Thanks to this simple procedure, the skin will significantly improve. Start the massage with stroking movements, work your way from the nails to the wrist, carefully working through each finger. Repeat the stroking a few times, gradually increasing the pressure.
Use folk recipes for the treatment of nail fungus. Wet fingers in hot water, wipe them with a towel. Scrape with a clean, disinfected nail file part of the nail that started to flake off. Sprinkle on the treated nail tea tree oil and RUB it for a few minutes. At night, treat damaged nails oil on them and fix soft bandage, if the affected nails on the hands, wear thin fabric gloves. The procedure must be repeated until, until you grow healthy nails. Also helps to get rid of fungus birch tar, a small amount of tar to lubricate your nails, fix on them plastic, and soft top dressing. This procedure is best done at night.
Please note if your nails constantly break, become thickened and yellow. To restore nails beauty and strength can eating products containing gelatin. A large amount of this substance contained in water dishes, jelly, jelly.