Nail extensions are done using different materials: acrylic, gel, silk. Helium building is a long enough process in which a gel applied to the nails in layers and then each layer is dried under a UV lamp. Sometimes it lasts a few hours.The more a shame, if so hard made the nails begin to stratify. The reasons here may be several.The first group of causes exfoliation gel nails are physiological. Gel nails are built up solely to healthy nail plate. Not everyone knows about the problems of their nails, just don't pay attention. However, the real master should see unhealthy stripes, spots, etc. and to warn the client. Sometimes exfoliation is simply because the nail plate does not take the gel, especially the first time. Subsequent correction allows you to correct the situation. Another physiological cause is allergies. Before applying the gel, the client must also be warned about this.The most common cause of exfoliation should still be considered low-quality material used for building. Sometimes the wizard save, and sometimes save clients. And yet, if you want gel nails were perfect, use a good quality gel.The qualifications of the master is also of importance when building. This specialist pays attention to every detail and strictly, we can say, carefully perform all the instructions for applying. Even the size of the brush matters!And the last one. Gel nails are very flexible. But they do not sustain the exercise, which some ladies they are subjected to. If you have gel nails, you should not use them as a screwdriver or brush. Detergents belong to the category of aggressive fluids, use rubber gloves. And if your job requires constant use of the fingertips (are you the pianist or work on the computer), consult with the master about the optimum shape and length of nails.