You will need
  • - glycerin,
  • - vinegar,
  • - iodine.
In the evening rasparte feet in the basin. Hot water and perfectly softens the nails and skin of the feet..
How to soften <strong>nail</strong> <b>foot</b>
Dry wiping his feet, gently treat the problem the nail – push back the cuticle, as accurately as possible to process the edges and under the nails to RUB or put a DAB of butter, it will soften the skin and nail holes. Please note – the nails on the feet require a little different treatment than the hands, they should be properly trimmed to avoid the phenomenon of ingrown toenail and polishing to trust only salon master.
How to soften <strong>nail</strong> <b>foot</b>
The very nail plate treated with a mixture of glycerin, iodine, acetic essence – all in equal parts, and two parts of water. And leave it for the night.
How to soften <strong>nail</strong> <b>foot</b>