You have a kitten? This is true happiness, because it's so small, pathetic and helpless. Unfortunately, the kitten to an even greater extent than the adult animal exposed to various infections and diseases. One of the most striking features of many of them is the presence of blood in stool of kitten.

What reasons can be caused by stool with blood in a kitten?

It is not excluded that a small amount of blood in the pan after defecation kitten – just a consequence of constipation. Often kittens in a new home can sometimes be a delay of a chair because of the new diet. Review the kitten food and the constipation will pass, then the blood in the stool no longer appear.


However, the feces with blood in a kitten, can indicate a serious problem. First of all, it can be a symptom of worm infestation or food allergies. Also the blood in the tray may appear because of cancers of the colon of the animal, polyps or obstruction. No less serious bleeding, resulting from infection or poisoning by different poisons.

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Also the lower sections of the intestine of a kitten can be damaged by what he's swallowed – for example, bone. In addition, to exclude the possibility that the injured perianal region the kitten – for example, he could be hurt or he was bitten by another animal.

What if in the stool kitten blood appeared?

If a lot of blood or the owner of the kitten sees her for the first time in the feces of the animal, be sure to contact your veterinarian. Can't avoid consultation with a specialist and in that case, if the kitten appears to be having difficulties during bowel movements, if blood in the stool accompanied by diarrhea and/or vomiting, or if the kitten looks obviously unwell.

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The vet will take the kitten all the necessary tests – blood, urine, stool for parasites, and if necessary, will make the inspection of the rectum of the animal. In addition, he will ask the owner of the kitten on the lifestyle and the diet of his pet. According to the results of inspection and analyses the animal will make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. It could be diet, intake of deworming drugs, antibiotics or increased fluid in the diet of the pet.

If you notice your kitten bloody stool, take a sample for analysis. This will help to promptly diagnose and prescribe treatment. In most cases, it is simple, and after a few days the kitten will be healthy again, cheerful.