You will need
  • -statement
  • -old driver's license
  • -medical certificate
  • -personal card of the driver
  • examination card
  • -a document confirming change of name
  • -receipt of payment for the change of driver's license
  • -the certificate stating that you are not deprived of a driving license
Write an application for replacement of driver's license. It specify the reason for which the certificate needs to be replaced.
Imagine the passport with the new name and driver's license, which must be replaced.
Will require a medical certificate. If your medical certificate has expired, obtain a new certificate. This will have to go to all the doctors. Be sure to visit psychiatric and narcological dispensary. No new certificate will not replace a driver's license. If the expiration date of the certificate has not expired, the requirement to obtain a new certificate due to change of names is not legitimate, so how do you see the document name change.
Make new photos on the right.
Necessary examination card, which you have given in a driving school and a personal card of the driver.
Provide a document certifying the change of surname. This may be marriage certificate or certificate of registry office bodies.
Some of the traffic police, require a certificate stating that you are not denied a driving license.
Pay the state fee for the change of driver's license.
After submission of all documents you will be notified about when to pick up the right with the changed name. The timing of these may vary depending on the place changes identity.