The transport tax calculation typically occurs at the power of the car, ie, simply put, is calculated in horsepower. And here we must take up the pencil or pen.

How much is the "horse"

The cost of one horse-power depends on the number of these forces in the car. The more powerful the car, the more expensive horse.

For example, for low power machines with engines from 70 to 100 HP cost 1 "horses" will be equal to 2.5 R. the Owners of cars with engine capacity of 100-150 HP will have to pay a 3.5 p each. For those who have a car over 150 to 200 HP, will have to fork out 5 p. for each horse. Accordingly, holders of very powerful units from 200 to 250 HP and above will have to pay from 7.5 to 15 p. "horse".
It is worth considering that the basic tariffs, which may be regulated by the regions. For example, the Ivanovo region will add a couple of rubles to each tariff. The only limitation is that the gain cannot be increased more than 10 times.

Owners of very small cars whose engine power does not even reach 70 "horses", it is proposed to pay a fixed cost of vehicle tax, which is about 350 p.
In Moscow the city government has developed a program of support for motorists in small cars. In the framework of laws were passed abolishing the tax for those "kids".

It is worth considering that exemptions from payment of such tax in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation is not registered. However, there is no restriction to each region could make such a decision independently.

What you should consider in connection with the tax laws

Payment of vehicle tax today keep track of the tax inspection, whereas previously this was done by the traffic police. However, the high rate of corruption, including in this area, these functions have guards away.

Moreover, the tax authorities do not care exploit you car, it's idle or under your house – the bill will still come. If you stole a car or he got in an accident and is beyond repair, be sure to take all relevant documents, including a certificate from the traffic police and other departments of the Ministry of interior, tax. Otherwise, you will receive e-mails with receipts and the requirement to pay the tax. The same applies to those who sold or gave his car by proxy to another person.

It is also worth remembering that the tax should be paid on time, because late you will accrue penalty and interest in amount of refinancing rate of 1/130.